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Owl Pillow Case

Hand Screen Printed Owl Pillowcase Pair.  Twoo!Owl Pillow Case 1Owl  Pillow Case 1

Book closed. Light off. Head down. There are few pleasures in life which could ever usurp the blissful moment at the end of a hard day when you settle down in bed and rest your head on the pillow. And relax... Ensuring that your bedroom provides a sanctuary from the cacophony of modern life is of upmost importance; with the choice of décor and accessories a fundamental aspect of creating a space which both reflects your personality and provides a relaxing environment. Hand screen printed onto 200 thread count cotton blend, these California designed pillowcase sets are an ideal addition to your nocturnal routine - combining a deliciously soft texture with gorgeous print motifs. Featuring an image created from an original photograph of an antique pin, the owl decal adorning the pillow set instills a real sense of natural whimsy to create a welcoming widescreen design feature for the bedroom which will see you off into the land of nod. Owl post!

Pillowcase Pair
Standard Size
250 thread count cotton blend

In stock
Price: £22.00

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